Text 4 Dec

Realization: I only use my phone for tweeting and texting. I can tweet via sms. Ergo, I don’t need a smart phone. Whoa.

Text 1 Dec

Panty carousel: A wondrous but still theoretical creation that dispenses panties queue-ly rather than stack-ly.

Text 28 Nov

If things still had cords then finding a phone or computer within a laundry pile would be trivial.

Text 13 Nov

Making a Sound of Music date for tomorrow! So far, I’ve explained lederhosen without giving away the plot.

Text 9 Nov

Just posted a new RailsBridge workshop for Dec 3 at Pivotal! Come (http://t.co/vw1bYqPV) or come volunteer (http://t.co/BtgaI8Lq) !

Text 8 Nov

(Wish my phone could distinguish between dancing and tweet-sending. Anyway.) Bet I’m the only here who read that stupid voters book.

Text 6 Nov

China saving the Euro is way complex. Tweet-sized take-away: woe to farmers in both places.

Text 6 Nov

Candidate for SF mayor Bevan Duffy was apparently raised in the Harlem jazz scene after his mom escaped the Nazis! My interest is piqued.

Text 5 Nov

Did you know that this year the America’s Cup is called the Louis Vuitton cup? It’s French for ‘useless’.

Text 5 Nov

I wish to test @rsandor’s theory that pampering makes programmers better.

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